Developmental Editor


A wildlifer since age 12, Heena has worked on many wildlife and environmental conservation projects, and has traveled, photographed and lived in the upper reaches of Ladakh and Kashmir Himalayas. She studied at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, and discovered a passion for motorcycles, design and Gujarati food!


Heena has been interviewed by the BBC, lauded by the Economic Times and has had her work written about by several design magazines. She was awarded the Priyadarshini Award for the Best Woman Entrepreneur for 2012. Heena is also actively involved in addressing the gender gap in entrepreneurship. Her book, 1000 stories of Change, co-authored with Shalini Sharma, was launched in Poland in November 2019, and is available on Amazon. 


She is Senior Director Consultant with BNI Gurgaon, supporting, guiding and mentoring members.A trained facilitator, she conducts workshops for young (and old) professionals in the area of design and soft skills. 

Heena is partner in EDC Space, an architecture and interior design consulting firm.


Phone : +91 9810419504
Email : de@experientialleaders.com